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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Attack On Titan Official Guidebooks

Attack on Titan Guidebook - Outside
The second Attack on Titan official guidebook, 'Outside Advance' or just 'Outside' was announced and released in september 9, this guidebook has 54 pages of information and a special interview with the 'mysterious' author Hajime Isayama. Many fans were waiting eagerly for this release, it still didn't see an english version but its original japanese version is already at sale. Kodansha USA didn't pronounce any intentions of translating and releasing any of the two guidebooks currently published, but let's hope for the best and wait, Attack on Titan is selling very well and the possibility of profiting from additional related media might eventually look appealing to them.

Attack on Titan Guidebook - Inside
The first Attack on Titan official guidebook, 'Inside' was a huge success, it features a complete biography and detialed information about all of the 78 characters introduced in the series, the results of a character popularity poll held at the first volume releases and another exclusive interview with Hajime Isayama. This guidebook, like its sucessor still didn't see an english release yet, but if you are a big Attack on Titan fan you can buy the japanese version here. There are several previsions for new games, spin offs, side stories, prequels and all sorts of Attack on Titan related media as it rises in popularity!